Chimney Cleaning & Our Chimney Cleaning Services

Our New Jersey chimney cleaning services include the sweeping of the flue, smoke chambers, smoke shelves, damper, as well as the firebox area. The chimney cleaning is all done with brushes on fiberglass poles. A runner is laid down up to the fireplace as well as drop cloths so nothing is tracked on any carpeting at all. The heart of the chimney sweeping system is a  chimney vacuum running during the sweeping for proper dust control. While it is being swept the chimney is inspected for any cracks or other defects and you are given a written evaluation report listing any areas of concern and any chimney repairs that you should consider.


Why Clean Your Chimney?

Having a professional inspect and clean your chimney in a thorough way is essential for health and safety reasons. A major cause of chimney and house fires is due to faulty or dirty chimneys. Needless to say, who wants to put their family safety at risk?


Some indicators that may suggest your chimney is in need of a cleaning:

  • Burning wood or other odors coming from the chimney during times on non use
  • Poorly burning fires
  • Smoke filling your house or room during use
  • Gunk, Black Stuff, or other things in your damper
  • You have not had your chimney cleaned since the stone age – this could be a giveaway


Walsh Contractors, LLC is a Certified Environmental Cleaning Technician Member, is an Accredited Member of The Better Business Bureau (BBB), the Certified Chimney Professionals Organization, the Rotary Club, the Chamber of Commerce, the New Jersey Chimney Sweep Guild, the National Fire Protection Association and also a member of The National Chimney Sweep Guild. We have also successfully completed the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) training course for chimney codes in Plainfield, Indiana.