We approach every chimney job with the Five Steps To Customer Satisfaction.


    1. Inspection & Hassle Free Estimate: We personally visit your home and inspect your chimney from the inside out and only then do we provide you with an accurate, honest and fair cost estimate. We never mislead our customers with low estimates to get the project only to surprise you at the end with a different price.


    1. Estimate Acceptance: Upon being hired for the job we’ll schedule a day for the work to be done. If necessary we will acquire all the necessary permits from your municipality ourselves so you have nothing to worry about.


    1. Work Time: As scheduled we will arrive to your home and do the work as agreed. We provide all tools, the needed materials, covers, tarps and drop cloths. Your valuable belongings and landscape are properly covered and protected from any debris.


    1. Touch-Ups: After completing the major work, we will perform a thorough review and identify and touch up areas where needed.


  1. Post-Production: The job isn’t finished until the customer says so. We will accompany you through a personal inspection of our work to guarantee every aspect of the job meets your satisfaction.